Make Easy Money Online!

Ever dreamed of owning your own online store? How about making money off of an online store that is already set up for you? Well, here's your chance! 

We allow our customers to create their own personal coupon code for our online store. This system is a 10% & 10% deal. Your coupon code will save whoever uses it 10% off their entire purchase, and in return, you will receive 10% commission off of each sale made using your code! You'll be surprised how quickly the total can add up if enough people use your code!

From the day your code is first used, you will start receiving payments in 30-day periods. We will send you a check to the address you provide us at time of sign-up. We hold an individual account for each individual code created from which we provide you updates every time your code is used. 

To sign up and get more information, simply email us at or come into our store. We will help you set up your own personal code and get you started on making easy money!

This truly is an awesome and easy way to earn extra money, so we hope you use our program to your advantage!